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Step 1: Interview Real Estate Agents, and select the one that fits you best. 

Step 2: Determine your property’s value, and list it.

Step 3: Make necessary repairs and updates as you find suitable to your situation. Getting it ready to sell.

Step 4: Market your property with your agent

Step 5. Your House Shown To Buyers

Step 6: Receive an offer, your agent will help you go over all the details and explain the pros and cons.

Step 7. Hire a Title Company if you haven’t already, your agent can help you with this. 

Step 8: Usually the buyer will order a home inspection and you should expect an appraisal also, as most lenders will require this. 

Step 9: Negotiations if any will take place after the inspections and appraisals are completed.

Step 10. Sign and Close. Keys are handed over at the closing table. Congratulations

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