Getting your home ready to sell; Tips to get your house in top dollar shape. 

In today’s market many sellers are opting to sell their home “AS IS”. So what exactly does “AS IS” mean?

I will get into AS IS in more detail at a later date. Summed up, it means simply = house is being sold as it currently is. Seller makes no repairs. Which translates to- be prepared to receive less than top market value for your home, especially if more than minor cosmetic repairs are needing to be performed by the buyer post sale.

Now is every AS IS home going to be sold well below top market price? Not necessarily. AS IS doesn’t imply condition, it simply indicates the seller isn’t desiring to make any changes or repairs, and the buyer must agree to this. Lots of things of course can take place during late contract negotiations, remember nothing is ever etched in stone, except certain contract terms. You will want to speak with your Realtor, to get more in depth than this.

So let’s talk about getting your house ready for top market value dollar. Even if you are selling your home AS IS.

 Avoiding Extremely Low Offers Is The Goal

Consider the perspective of the potential buyers walking your property. How may it be perceived to them? Consider the 5 senses; touch, sight, smell, taste, hear. With this simple concept in mind, you will be able to anticipate your home’s “stranger perspective”. 

Let’s talk about sight. How does it appear? Is it appealing? 

Is there holes in the walls, paint peeling, cabinet doors hanging loose off hinges? What about the grass outside? Is it knee high? Sometimes minor cosmetic dings and things which are cheap to address and take a little time on the weekend can be the difference of $10,000.

The Untold Memories of Pets and Children

We love old stories, especially heart warming ones about children and adorable pets. But if your home is telling these stories for you, this could actually cost you a buyer. For example, has your beloved pet stained the carpets? Or is there a huge grape juice stain you’ve hidden well underneath the rug in the living room but now it’s loudly revealing?

I’ll be honest and share a real experience with you. When showing a home (not a listing of mine), to a qualified buyer one day we opened a closet to immediately be hit by the rancid smell of cat urine. Think litterboxes. Except the home was vacant and there was no litterbox in this closet. This was such a strong odor it drove the buyers away. Pet allergies are a thing, so the hint of a pet having lived inside a home can be “off putting” to some. I’m not sure if that person had ever had their carpets professionally cleaned? Maybe it was soaked into the flooring beyond the carpet? It was loud enough that the buyers who admired the house up to this point, was no longer interested. 

Commonly a professional carpet and upholstery person can often alleviate these matters. But if you skip on that. Keep in mind, that in these scenarios, many buyers will frequently fear the worst in remedying the situation vs the easier of the solutions. Which means that you could be facing lower offers for simple things. 

What feelings does your home invite?

A few repairs, clean yard, pressure washed exterior and fresh paint can really change the attitude of the people who will be walking through. These are simple things that can make a huge difference. If you home feels clean and “newer” because of the paint and manicure exterior. You can bet that your house will be attractive to even buyers who specifically want “new homes”. Often if a new home isn’t on the market ready to go tomorrow, a buyer may settle for a well kept, “feels new” alternative. 

Open your windows for fresh air if the weather permits. Consider a nice smelling candle, and call the carpet guy. Ask your neighbor if you can borrow their pressure washer. Trust me, a weekend spent wisely will be well rewarded in the end.







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