Things That Matter

Selling your house—or buying a new one—is a multifaceted process. You already know that any agent can list homes, host open houses, and assist in negotiations between buyers and sellers. But, my job doesn’t just stop there. I am willing and able to help with other matters. Click through to discover some surprising ways that I can help you through the buying and selling process.

Home Staging

Most real estate agents are not interior designers or professional stagers, but, I am well aware of the subtle touches that have been proven to attract or repel potential buyers. Some simple staging practices like removing trigger items, clearing away clutter, and rearranging furniture makes it easier for buyers to picture themselves living in the house and increase the likelihood that they’ll make an offer. When I walk through your home during the consultation, ask me about suggestions for staging improvement.

Selecting a Home Inspector

After you make an offer on a house and the seller accepts your offer, I recommend that you have the house inspected to ensure that there are no major concerns like, structural problems, plumbing or electrical hazards, or hidden things like wood destroying pests. I have trusted professional relationships built with some great home inspectors in the community. I can help you select one who’s thorough and reliable.

Coordinating Repairs

If your home inspection uncovers damage, most often the lender you’re working with may require that certain types of concerns be repaired before you close on the house. I have relationships with dependable contractors and handymen, and I can help you contact reputable professionals, gather bids, and coordinate any needed repairs. I can also work with the lender to help you arrange to have the contractor paid at closing, and you may even be able to figure your portion of the repair costs into your mortgage (this will be up to the lender to determine). 

Referrals to Agents outside of my Area

Buying a house in a new community can be especially stressful because you don’t know anyone. How do you find a good real estate agent if you don’t have friends and colleagues who can recommend one? This is where I can help.  Realtors (members of the National Association of Realtors) have access to nationwide databases that detail other agents’ successful sales. Not only that, but I have a strong professional network built on relationships with quality Realtors and other Real Estate professionals all over Florida, and other states in the USA. Whether you are relocating, or you’ve simply changed your search outside of my area, as your Realtor, I commit to referring you to someone in the community you can trust, where you’ll be buying a house.

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